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Assessment as an agent for change!
I recently attended two assessment-related conferences: the AALHE (Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education) 7th Annual Conference and the SAARC (More)
How to Make Assessment Meaningful
One of the challenges with assessment is answering the “so-what” question. After the initial nationwide calls for assessment more than three decades ago, most institutions are conducting assessment. However, when it comes to using assessment data, th (More)
Coping with the Complexity of Learning Analysis
Educators have a lot of data at their disposal: student grades, demographics, communications, course surveys, and learning analytics. (More)
How Peer Review and Peer Grading Can Inspire Knowledge Building in the Classroom
Citing von Glaserfeld (1995), Brill and Hodges (2011) suggested that peer reviews were conducive for knowledge building among learners through shared experiences. Drawing on their own practices in teaching instructional design courses, they concluded (More)
From Knowledge Sharing to Knowledge Building
Our society is changing rapidly and innovation is becoming more recognized as a key factor for a competitive advantage. In order to prepare our students for success in innovation, it is necessary to re-examine our conventional pedagogy and to gear th (More)
Applying Project-Based Learning to Design Teaching Part 4: Strategies
Is there a fixed formula for how to integrate project-based learning into the design context? Probably not. Design teaching is both a science and an art. How to implement project-based learning is context dependent. In this blog post, I would like to (More)
Making Meaningful Change in the Classroom
The saying goes something like this: “Times change, people change. The only thing constant is change.” Times Change Take a look at the two pictures below:           The first picture shows a colleg (More)
The International Institute for Innovative Instruction: Who We Are
The International Institute for Innovative Instruction at Franklin University. Who are we? What do we do? This video gives an overview of all of the exciting, innovative design work happening at the Institute and introduces viewers to those at the In (More)
Reflections on Learning Assessment and a Call for Integrating Assessment Into Design
Margaret Miller (2012), president emerita of the American Association for Higher Education, chronicled how higher education’s attitudes had changed towards assessment over the past twenty-five years in a paper she wrote for the National Institute of (More)
What’s Wrong with Feedback? Part 1
Feedback! Everybody talks about it. Learners loathe it, whether adequate or inadequate. Instructors and teachers grumble over its burdensome nature; it’s not uncommon to hear teachers lament “I spend so much of my precious time providing plenty of de (More)
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