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Insurance ID Update
Attendees at the Health Insurance Information Session this week informed OISP that some Fall 2017 insurance IDs were missing information.   If you have already downloaded your insurance ID, please verify that it has the following three logos on it: (More)
Insurance Session and Reminders
Insurance Information Session On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Tom St. Denis from The Harbour Group will be coming to Franklin University to provide information about the 2017-2018 insurance policy for F-1 studen (More)
Fall Announcements
Fall Trimester is here, marking the official beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year.  Each fall, I recommend that students make time to take the following steps to prepare for the upcoming year. First, check that we have your current address, as (More)
Housing Discussion
OISP frequently gets requests from newly accepted and current students looking for housing and roommates.  If you are interested in sharing information with other students, you may do so using the comment section under "More)
Pick up your health insurance brochure
Hello F-1 students, Your health insurance brochures can now be picked up at the Front Desk at Student Services. You can also check out the most important information about your coverage at our More)
Health Insurance Session - FR 318
This is a friendly reminder that the Health Insurance Information Session will take place today at Frasch Hall 318 at 4pm. All F-1 students are invited to come. This is your chance to pick up your health insurance coverage booklet! We hope to see you (More)
Information Session about your Health Insurance
Hello F1-students, We are happy to announce that we will have an Information Session about your Health Insurance Coverage next week Wednesday, October 19 at 4pm. Tom St. Denis II from the Harbour Group will be presenting the new insurance cover (More)
Temporary Medical Insurance ID Cards
Hello F-1 Students! Temporary medical insurance ID cards for international students are available for pickup at the  welcome center if you need one.   (More)
Health insurance cards
Hi, international students, The ones of you who have already registered for winter classes can pick up their health insurance cards at the Front Desk at Student Services. Health insurance brochures are also available there. You can also downloa (More)
University closed until January 5, 2105.
Greetings! The University is closed for from Wednesday December 24 to Monday, January 5. If you have questions please email We will respond as soon as possible starting on January 5. If you are a global liason and this is an em (More)
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