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College Affordability: Strategies to Help You Spend Less and Get More
Only 20 shopping days left until Christmas!
 Contributed by Stephanie Hicks, Franklin University Financial Aid Counselor  Worried about spending too much money? It’s not too late to think about a “survival guide” to holiday spending! [caption id=\"attachment_2652\" align=\"aligncenter\" widt (More)
Spending $936 on lunch
The report is official: the average American spends $936 each year by going out for lunch (as reported by Visa\'s survey at More)
Saving Money by Cutting Cable
For most people, myself included, when I look at ways in which I can cut back every month, the buck stops when it comes to my cable.  After all, if I'm (More)
The Sandwich Generation
Taking charge of your finances is usually not just about the individual; whether you're married, planning to get married, or have kids, your financial health can and will affect the lives of those around you.    To take it one step further, the Ame (More)
Seven questions has two articles, each with seven questions, that will 1) More)

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