Finding Journals Using Journal Finder

There are many situations where it is helpful to be able to find and search a specific academic journal. Here are a couple of common examples.

  • You need to find a specific article and you have the related citation including author, title, and publication name
  • You read about a research study and have some details including publication name, issue, and authors

Let’s use the first example look for the journal where this article was published:

Ishii, K. (January 01, 2005). The human side of the digital divide: Media experience as the border of communication satisfaction with email. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 35, 4, 385-402.

Search for the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication using Journal Finder. You can the Journal Finder by hovering over the FIND IT option on the library’s home page.

Enter the title of the journal in the search box.

If one of our academic research databases includes a subscription to this publication, it will appear in the search results and include a hyperlink. Click on the name to begin browsing or searching the available issues of this journal.

To browse for the article identified in the citation, expand the year (2005) and click on the appropriate issue (Volume 35, Issue 4).

Browse the list of article titles to find the one mentioned in the citation.

Alternatively, you can search the entire publication using the article title. To do this, click on the link in the upper right corner of the publication page labeled “Search within this publication”.

Leave the journal code and title as it is in the first search box and enter the article title in the next search box.

The article will most likely be the only one in your results list.