Single-Serve Coffee and Double-Sided Copies

Café Biblioteca

Café Biblioteca

We’ve been inspired by all the research on the coffee industry for the undergraduate capstone courses and the university’s efforts to be a green organization.

You’ll find the quietest Keurig coffee maker we could get our hands on near the vending machines. Stop by for a cup. We’re suggesting a dollar a cup to put toward the costs of maintenance and keeping the K-cups in stock.

We chose the location carefully, too. You can browse through our popular magazines such as Essence, People, and Better Homes and Gardens or study with laptops with several outlets available near the chairs by the front window. Sort of like waiting in a comfortably appointed airport lobby, only without having to buy the magazines.

We will continue to discourage students from citing these particular periodicals in their academic papers, unless they’re comfortable defending the reputation of the author.

We’ve also been working on a strategy for reducing our paper consumption in the library. We came up with the idea to use our photocopying machines as primary print stations to take advantage of their double-sided printing capabilities.

Double sided printing will help the library conserve paper and prevent waste, while providing free printing to our students.

Single-sided printing is still available for assignments as needed and the library staff is willing to help with this.

So stop by the library for a cup of coffee, browse a popular magazine, check out our new printing arrangement, or even to study and pick up a few tips for developing a search strategy.