More Library Database Changes – New CS Journals

CS Brain

Nationwide Library is pleased to announce a new subscription to five (5) electronic journals in computer science from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers​ (IEEE). The five journals are: 

– Computer (v.38:1-, 2005-)

– IEEE Cloud Computing (v.1:1-, 2014-)​

– IEEE Pervasive Computing (v.4:1-, 2005-)​

– IEEE Security and Privacy (v.3:1-, 2005-)

– IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (v.1:1-, 2013-)

Results for these titles are available through the Journal Finder and Summon (the blue search box in the middle of the page). The titles are available for unlimited simultaneous use, and we encourage you to use them in appropriate courses.

In addition, Ohio Capitol Connection, previously reported as ceasing, will be sticking around until June 30, 2015.