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Living below your means = benefits for years to come


Over at, there’s a post I like very much that describes how changing just one financial behavior can have rather large, rippling effects on your overall finances: living below your means.

It seems like such a simple concept, and yet so many of us struggle with it.  After all, isn’t it the American standard to spend more and more any time you come into extra income?  That seems to be a sign of the times, and all it’s gotten us is deeper in debt, saving less for future expenses, and working far beyond our retirement ages.  So buck the trend; do yourself and your future a favor by learning to live not just within your means, but below it.  Check out the Financial Fanatic’s post for tips on what you can do now, and how it will pay dividends into the future.

Author: Carissa

I am a Graduate Academic Advisor.

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