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Seven questions

| 0 comments has two articles, each with seven questions, that will 1) help you determine your level of financial literacy, and 2) help you reevaluate your spending strategies

Can seven questions really change your spending habits?  Maybe, depending on where you are in your financial journey.  But the key to improving financial literacy is to make a conscious effort to think about your spending and savings on a daily basis, and these questions will definitely get you thinking! 

If you’re ready to put some action into your thoughts, then you should also check out this “Investing for the Long Run” guide on how to improve your personal finances.  Provided by Morningstar, one of our library’s investment database subscriptions, it’s an all-in-one tool to guide you through basic budgeting and saving, all the way through planning your investment portfolio.

If you have any other resources that have inspired you on your path to financial wellness, leave us a comment and tell us about it!

Author: Carissa

I am a Graduate Academic Advisor.

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