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Don’t make these mistakes when it comes to student loan repayment


We often hear cautionary tales of students whose loan debt has crept into the six figure range, making it impossible for them to make their monthly loan payments that are often greater than their monthly mortgage payment.  The emerging trend is a generation of graduates who are now delaying major life events, like marriage, buying a house, or even having kids because of this crippling debt. 

But what you don’t often hear about is how student loan mismanagement may have played a large part in many of these situations.  Some of the most common mistakes include not choosing the right repayment plan for you, not communicating with your loan servicer, and using deferment or forbearance when you really don’t have to.  Here are just a few articles to help you learn about (and hopefully avoid!) these mistakes:

Author: Carissa

I am a Graduate Academic Advisor.

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