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April 18, 2014
by tynerc

I Should Move Where To Find The Cheapest Gas!?


The answer is (drumroll)….  Montana (atleast for today :))!  Congrats to our students who reside in Montana!

In all seriousness:  Many of us operate motor vehicles on a regular basis to get where we need to go.  While sustainable vehicles are slowly creeping on to the scene, many of us lament that moment when we pull up to the gas pump and blankly stare at the price that we are preparing to endure.  The good news is there are sites out there that help provide a better experience with this process.  One of those sites,, provides consumers with:

  • a search tool to find the lowest gas prices in your local area
  • The US low, average, and high gas prices for the day (including state location)
  • A trip cost calculator to help plan fuel expenses when traveling longer distances

Check it out @: