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Graduate Advising Office, Student Services Center

October 30, 2012
by DiAnna Palmer

Course Formats

As you progress in your academics and begin looking into scheduling, you may find that some courses are listed in different formats.  What does a course format mean for you?  Course Formats are the way or modality that a course will be offered.  Some of the various course formats at Franklin University include:

A regularly scheduled course within a classroom that meets weekly.  Students will also use a course website for the class and will gain access to their course 10 days before it begins.

In online courses, students will complete all work online with no on-campus requirement.  Proctored testing may be required.

Web with Synchronous
Online course with a mandatory synchronous FranklinLive! component.  This is commonplace for courses here at Franklin.

Course with some students registered online and others registered face-to-face.  Those who are registered for an online hybrid course will meet online during a set time per week for the course (i.e. COMP 660, Thursdays from 6pm to 9:45pm).  Those who are registered for a face-to-face hybrid can expect to attend their weekly course at their location, and will “see” their fellow online students on the computer.

Course with some sessions held online and some held face-to-face

Face-to-face course with one instructor held in two locations synchronously with audio/video conferencing technology

Franklin has made a fantastic Course Format resource page for students within the Academic Advising Resource Center, which can be obtained by clicking here!