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Summer Registration Opens March 5th!


Summer 2018 Registration begins Monday, March 5th, remember to register early to ensure you can enroll in the classes you need and want.

You can self-register through myTools. First, review your Degree Audit by clicking on the myTools link to see which courses you are ready to take next. Once you have determined which classes you would like to take, you can add classes by clicking on the link “Register or Drop Classes” in your mytools. Click here to view a guided tutorial!

Do not forget to review the prerequisite chart to make sure you are signing up for the correct courses.

Important information for GoArmyEd Students:

  • GoArmyEd students: Registration via the GoArmyEd portal for May 14, 2018 classes will open on March 14th for section E classes and April 25th for section F classes. All future courses will be available to register 60 days before the course starts.  If you no longer intend to use the GoArmyEd portal, please be sure to let our office know by emailing
  • Please note that outstanding account balances that have resulted from Student Funded portions may prevent registration or put you at risk of being dropped from any upcoming registered classes. You can review your account balances in myFranklin by clicking on the Shortcuts tab < myTools < View My Account Balance and Payment Options (under Financial Information).


As always, if you need help with registration, or have any questions, please email your Advisor at


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