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Review the Accounting curriculum, complete with elective options here. 

  • Students will generally take courses in a sequence but may elect, depending on course prerequisites, to take particular courses at any time. Students will generally take the Program’s Core Courses followed by either a series of courses in a suggested pathway or choosing 16 hours of coursework from the course options listed in the pathways, followed by a Capstone Course prior to graduation.

Prerequisite Track

1st Term         2nd Term        3rd Term       4th Term           5th Term              6th Term

MBA 733         ACCT 310           ACCT 320        ACCT 470            ACCT 732/752     ACCT 734/753

ACCT 710        ACCT 725          ACCT 715         ACCT 731/751     ACCT 733/753     ACCT 795

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  1. Master of Science in Accounting
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many hours of work are expected per course?
    Typically, a six week course will require 12 – 16 hours of homework per week. A twelve week course will require 6 -8 hours per week. These are guidelines only, as the actual amount of time spent on homework depends largely on individual study skills, writing ability, course content knowledge, etc.

    Can classes be taken out of sequential order?

    Yes, with the exception of ACCT 710 & 795.

    What grades do applicants need to have for the prerequisite courses?
    Students need to have earned a C or better in the prerequisite courses.

    If a student has their CPA, CFE, CMA or other designation, would these waive any prerequisites?
    No, it does not. We will still need to see transcripts from previous courses taken.

    If someone has their CPA and or CMA certification can this waive any required courses?
    Yes. The CPA certification can waive ACCT 715, or the CMA certification can waive ACCT 725.
    HOWEVER, if a student has both CPA and CMA certifications, they can only waive one (1) course of their choosing (715 or 725).

    Please be aware that these courses will be processed for Financial Aid at the undergraduate level (see next question). Because of this, students will not be able to receive federal financial aid for any of the courses that must be taken alone (ACCT 215, 225 & 310), as students will be enrolled for less than part-time by undergraduate standards.

    Can students get financial aid if they take an undergraduate and graduate level course during the same term?
    Students can only receive undergraduate financial aid; graduate level aid cannot be applied until students are enrolled only in graduate courses for the term.

    How many classes can you miss in a 6 and 12 week format?
    You can miss one class in a six week format and two classes in a 12 week format. If you miss more than that, it is an automatic failure.

    Is there a cumulative exam at the end of the program (in ACCT 795)?
    No. The class is research and writing based. Students will complete “mini-papers” each week on current events in the accounting field. This could include topics such as accounting leadership, taxation, internal auditing, etc. Students will also complete one large research paper over the course of the class and will present this paper at Franklin’s Accounting Research Seminar. There is also no textbook required for this course.

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