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Computer Science

  • Access the Computer Science website to view your course sequence calendar
  • Look at course content, credits, and prerequisites by viewing Course Descriptions
  • Obtain Graduate Program Faculty information at Franklin University Faculty Profiles
  • Computing Sciences Listservs – A *discuss* listserv is available through which we distribute information about such matters as job opportunities, internship opportunities, external scholarships, and items of more general interest (e.g., a talk or presentation that may be of interest to some). The *discuss* listserv is also available for postings from students on topics that may be of interest to others within the major. That is, you may send postings you think are relevant to your fellow majors, and we encourage you to do that.
  • Additionally, the State of Ohio will often post internship positions to their website at  Please feel free to check this site often, and you may enter “intern” into the keyword box to limit your search.
  • Click on the images below to view a welcome message and learn more about program expectations from our Former Program Chair, Professor Emeritus Dr. Bill Hochstettler.

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  1. Facts about Computer Science

    Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical application skills required: 1) to master a good understanding of the Computer Science discipline; 2) to be able to contribute immediately and make a positive impact in the workplace.

    Below are some useful facts about the program for Graduate Students to consider:

    • Math 170, COMP 281, Comp 111, Comp 121, Comp 311, Comp 203, and Comp 204, or the equivalent from an accredited school, are prerequisite requirements.

    • Classes can be taken out of order, so long as prerequisite requirements are being met.

    • The program can be completed in as few as 20 months, however students are permitted five years from their first course to complete the program.

    • There are a total of ten courses required to complete programming.

    • Classes are each twelve weeks long.

    • Courses vary in format from online, hybrid, face to face, etc.

    • Students are strongly encouraged to bookmark the main Graduate CS website at:

    • Books average about $150-200 per course, and students can anticipate studying 6-8 hours at least above their course time.

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