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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice curriculum

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The program leading to the Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Administration offers a comprehensive examination of the criminal justice system, an exploration of criminal and delinquent behaviors, a foundation in research and statistics, and an opportunity to explore other relevant topics of interest to the student.

It is designed for individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree from a state-approved, nationally accredited college or university in criminal justice or a related field. The Criminal Justice Administration program features curriculum and instruction that focuses on broadening and deepening the management and leadership skills of its graduates.

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  1. Apply criminal justice theories to the development of effective and sustainable criminal justice programs.
  2. Analyze complex and multi-systemic adult and juvenile systems of justice and social control mechanisms.
  3. Develop solutions to crime through the administration of criminal justice organizations, community partnerships, and stakeholders, utilizing criminology theories.
  4. Evaluate critical issues in criminal justice administration and management.
  5. Develop ethical leadership models for administration of justice.
  6. Evaluate contemporary law enforcement strategies and structures, integrating policy and legal perspectives.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete 30 graduate semester credit hours with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in order to graduate. Candidates for a degree must file an application with the Office of the Registrar during the student’s next to last semester of enrollment.