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Doctorate of Healthcare Administration

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The healthcare industry have been in a period of turmoil over the past several years and there seems to be no end in sight. The U.S. healthcare system has some of the most advanced technology available to modern medicine, as well reputable schools of medicine that produce renowned healthcare professionals. So why is the U.S. healthcare system ranked one of the worst healthcare systems on the globe? 

The answer lies in the need for developing more advanced leaders, who are operational and innovative experts who transform their healthcare systems into a catalyst for improving community health, increasing the quality of life for diverse populations, and ensuring that healthcare cost are driven down, while healthcare population outcomes continue to rise. 

A Doctorate in Healthcare Administration graduate will possess the skills needed to navigate the real-world challenges facing the healthcare industry. A DHA is an applied practice doctorate degree that teaches students how to become operation experts who use advance research methods to improve the organizations and communities they live in. Students focus on solving real-world problems from the first day of class. 

All the course can be taken online, while students attend live sessions online through web conferencing in select classes.