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  1. Facts about Public Administration

    The Master of Science in Public Administration is designed for those with public and non-profit experience who are seeking to enhance their existing management skills and move up within a public services capacity. The focus is on ethical leadership, operational effectiveness, and problem solving to serve the public interest.

    Below are some useful facts about the program for Graduate Students to consider:

    • Classes can be taken out of order.

    • The program can be completed in as few as 16 months, however students are permitted seven years from their first course to complete the program.

    • There are a total of ten courses required to complete programming.

    • Classes are each six weeks long.

    • Courses are offered online only.

    • Students will choose 12 elective hours from another Franklin graduate program.

    • Books average about $150-200 per course, and students can anticipate studying 12-16 hours at least above their course time.

  2. Exciting news!

    Franklin University is now a part of the Local Government Internship program sponsored by Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). This means we will have regular paid internship opportunities, particularly for our graduate students. Internships pay at least $13 per hour.

    Currently, there are internship opportunities for summer 2016 available with the following organization(s):

    • City of Worthington: The City of Worthington is seeking an intern to assist in the City Manager’s Office, Economic Development, and the Department of Planning & Building. The intern will be supervised by the Assistant City Manager, who will coordinate the work in the various areas. He or she will have ready access to the executive team of the City and will be engaged in meetings and discussions related to the issues facing the City. Our goal is to provide meaningful work projects and broad exposure to local government management principles.

    The internship will involve projects and initiatives related to policy and program development, data analysis, evaluation of operations, and public communication and/or involvement. Possible assignments related to the City Manager’s Office include evaluation of the City’s performance measurement program, refinement of the City’s special event permit process, and evaluation of options for addressing community wildlife concerns.

    Assignments related to the Economic Development operation may include such initiatives as evaluating the effectiveness of the City’s façade grant/loan program and participating in business outreach as part of the City’s BRE (Business Retention and Expansion) efforts. The Department of Planning & Building is heavily involved in redevelopment projects in the community and there will likely be assistance that can be provided through the internship to those projects. In particular, contributions can be made to the City’s community outreach and engagement efforts, as well as conducting best practices research on redevelopment.

    Assignments will be more fully developed and defined based on the current events at the time of the internship.

    Necessary Skills: Microsoft office, research, Writing, analytics, interpersonal, and social media.

    Location: Louis J.R. Goorey Municipal Building, Worthington Dates: Flexible Average Hours per Week: 40 OR two interns at 20 hours per week. Pay: $13 per hour

    Potential Degree Benefits: In addition, to the great opportunity to get practical experience and expand your professional network, the internship could provide academic benefits:

    • There is the possibility of earning credit toward the MPA degree elective requirements in this internship. If this interests you, please contact me to discuss options for earning degree credit.

    • The internship(s) has the potential serve as the basis for a capstone project for your capstone course – PUAD 790.

    If you would like to be considered for one of these opportunities, send me the following application documents no later December 28, 2015:

    1. Current resume

    2. Cover letter explaining which internship(s) you are applying for and why you want to participant in the internship.

    3. Reference list with names and contact info for at least two people who can provide a positive professional reference for you. At least one of your references should be a Franklin University faculty member or instructor.

    Happy Holidays!

    Alexander C. Heckman, MPA, Ph.D.
    Department Chair, Public Administration
    Chair, Public Administration Programs

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