Help a Fellow International Students in Need!

Greetings students!

The Office was recently contacted by an international student who is seeking housing for the next few days while he looks for permanent housing.  The student is a male from Nigeria, and plans to find his own living arrangements, but is seeking a couch or extra bed to sleep on for a few days while he finds an apartment.  Should you be willing to allow please contact Katelyn Summerford @   Katelyn will reach out to you and discuss the opportunity further.

Many of you know, first hand, the potential hardships and confusion that international students may experience when attempting to figure out their living situation in the United States.  OISP is aware of the above circumstance, and works individually with students as concerns in this area may surface.  Students can provide assistance in this area as well!   Should you be in the need of a roommate at any time, or be willing to house a new international student for a few days while they get settled after arriving in the country, please do not hesitate to contact Katelyn Summerford @, so that OISP can make note of this.  The Office is periodically contacted by students in need of roommates or a couch to sleep on for a few days; possessing this information makes it easier for the office to put students in contact with each other regarding this similar need.

You have all experienced numerous learning opportunities from pursuing an education in the United States.  The Office of International Students and Programs (OISP) at Franklin is here to to do everything possible to make this experience as remarkable and impactful as possible!  There are also opportunities for students to assist fellow students in creating this fulfilling experience!

Consider helping  fellow international students make the housing process slightly easier.  As mentioned above, international students  play a vital role in helping fellow international students succeed at Franklin.  Please consider making a new student’s transition a little easier!

~ The OISP Team




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