Winter Weather closure and tips for international students

Hello international students,

As you probably know Franklin University has been closed today Monday 1/6/14 and will be closed on Tuesday 1/7/14. This is due to unusually extreme Winter weather conditions. Please be careful if you leave your place of residence as cold temperatures combined with cold winds are likely to be colder than anything you have experienced before. There may be ice or snow blocking walkways and roads. Here is some information you may find useful at this time:

Cold weather safety:


If you have classes that start on Monday or Tuesday please make sure that you are logging in online and reading any announcements or information that your professor is providing for you on your website as well as in your specific course page. You may still be responsible for completing your assignments and submitting them to your professor online. Your missed classes will likely be made up this Friday.

Registration/Immigration issues:

Issues related to your immigration status or registration will be addressed once the university opens on Wednesday.

Safety is your priority!


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