Updated break term policy

Hello, F1-students,

Historically, Franklin University has offered a fifteen-week schedule of classes during the Summer Trimesters, with some classes overlapping the end of the Winter Trimester. Beginning in Summer 2017, the University will be condensing its Summer Trimester into twelve weeks. This schedule change will eliminate the overlap of any classes from Winter Trimester to Summer Trimester. Corresponding with the schedule adjustment, the Office of International Students and Programs is implementing a Summer Break Term schedule that will affect all F1 students.

What does this mean to you and how does it affect maintaining your status?

  • F-1 students will only be eligible for an official break term in Summer Trimesters.
  • F-1 students who started in the Winter 2017 Trimester are eligible for a break term in Summer 2017 Trimester.
  • Students who first enroll at the University during a Summer Trimester or who first obtain F-1 status during a Summer Trimester will need to enroll in three consecutive trimesters to be eligible for a break term the following Summer.
  • As always, F-1 students are able to enroll in courses during the break term but are not required to enroll in a full-time courseload. Student may apply for any number of credits and online courses if they choose to attend, but will also need to attend in the Fall and Winter term.
  • Course offerings may vary from the standard offerings during the Fall and Winter Trimesters; therefore, it will be important to plan your course schedule with your Academic Advisor.

Please remember that taking a break outside of the summer term will result in a failure to maintain your F1 status. If you plan to travel during such a break, always make sure your documents are up to date. If you are in doubt, contact OISP.

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