Current Franklin International Students

Insurance ID Update

Attendees at the Health Insurance Information Session this week informed OISP that some Fall 2017 insurance IDs were missing information.   If you have already downloaded your insurance ID, please verify that it has the following three logos on it:

Express Scripts



If your ID does not have these logos, please download an updated card at

Insurance Session and Reminders

Insurance Information Session

On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Tom St. Denis from The Harbour Group will be coming to Franklin University to provide information about the 2017-2018 insurance policy for F-1 students. The information session is scheduled from 4pm-5pm in Frasch Hall room 322 on the Main Campus. Confirm your attendance at the event at

Insurance Cards

As a reminder, the student plan will continue to be administered by ACE American Insurance Company, and fall insurance cards are available for download at for students who have registered for fall classes.

Insurance Waivers

Students with comparable insurance coverage may apply for a waiver at before Wednesday, October 4, 2017. If approved, you will receive an email confirmation and the insurance charge will be removed from your account in the following weeks.

Dependent Coverage

Students who wish to cover dependents on the same plan this term may do so by submitting the application at and submitting payment directly to The Harbour Group.

Fall Announcements

Fall Trimester is here, marking the official beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year.  Each fall, I recommend that students make time to take the following steps to prepare for the upcoming year.

First, check that we have your current address, as required by F-1 regulations.  In myFranklin, navigate to myTools, and click on “Update Contact Information.”  OISP will receive your new information and update SEVIS.  Several students have recently updated their addresses in myFranklin, so thank you to those students for being proactive!  As a quick reminder, US addresses are generally written as building number, direction and street name, then apartment number, such as 100 West Main Street, Apt A3.

Second, check your  registration statements; you should see an adjustment for health insurance.  Franklin University has once again partnered with The Harbour Group to offer health insurance for our F-1 students and their dependents.  The Harbour Group was able to help us keep the cost to under a 1% increase per month (from $114 to $115).  Our plan will continue to be administered by ACE American Insurance Company.  Fall insurance cards are now available for download; we recommend printing a copy to keep in your wallet.

In addition, mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 19 at 4pm; we will have an insurance information session with The Harbour Group to discuss your coverage.  An email invitation will be sent closer to the date.

Finally, please help us welcome our newest international students arriving for fall!  Leave a reply on the blog to say hello, email us to let us know you’d like to join us at orientation, or let them know if you have a housing option (see following post) for them!

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A fond farewell from Silvia

Dear students,

This is my last day at Franklin University and I have to say goodbye. It was wonderful working with you, seeing you progress and getting to know you. I will certainly miss you.

If you wish, you can find me on LinkedIn. Let me know when you’re in Germany!

All the best,


Winter has become Summer

The weather in Columbus seems to follow Franklin’s academic calendar: after some surprisingly cold days in the last weeks of Winter Trimester, hot weather has returned for the start of Summer Trimester this week!

First, congratulations to our new graduates! Tonight you will join the ranks of Franklin alumni and accomplish a major life achievement.  We in OISP have enjoyed working with you throughout your time at Franklin, and we wish you all the best in your next endeavors!  For those of you pursuing OPT employment post-graduation, we will continue to support you and help you maintain your F-1 immigration status through the end of your 60-day OPT grace period.

Second, we send warm greetings to our newest Franklin students!  It was lovely to see and meet you at our summer orientation on May 4, and we hope that you are adapting well to your classes that started this week.  If you have any questions or are having any difficulties adjusting to the US or life in Columbus, please let us know; we are here to help!  Also, if you have not yet scheduled an appointment to meet your academic advisor, we encourage you to call 614.797.4700 to reserve an appointment time.

We want to remind F-1 students that we will be updating your SEVIS records over the next few weeks.  As we announced in February, Franklin will now only grant break/vacation terms for Summer Trimesters.  More details about this policy are available on our blog.  In addition, beginning for Winter 2017, Franklin began focusing our admissions of F-1 status students to specific programs.  Together, these policies help the University concentrate on offering face-to-face courses when F-1 students need them.

Finally, if you will be traveling outside the US during the summer break, please review travel information on our blog and let us know if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful first weekend of Summer Trimester!


Vacant position – Student Desktop Technician

Good afternoon!

For those who study Computer Science, Franklin University is looking for a Student Desktop Technician.

Duties include, but are not limited to: assisting with forgotten usernames and /or passwords; access to courses, University systems, and Computer Services servers; email, hardware and software support; timely escalation of high impact issues; on-site and remote support for hardware and software, including application installation and updates; and physical installation and configuration of equipment.

Interested? You can find more information here.

Good luck!

Updated break term policy

Hello, F1-students,

Historically, Franklin University has offered a fifteen-week schedule of classes during the Summer Trimesters, with some classes overlapping the end of the Winter Trimester. Beginning in Summer 2017, the University will be condensing its Summer Trimester into twelve weeks. This schedule change will eliminate the overlap of any classes from Winter Trimester to Summer Trimester. Corresponding with the schedule adjustment, the Office of International Students and Programs is implementing a Summer Break Term schedule that will affect all F1 students.

What does this mean to you and how does it affect maintaining your status?

  • F-1 students will only be eligible for an official break term in Summer Trimesters.
  • F-1 students who started in the Winter 2017 Trimester are eligible for a break term in Summer 2017 Trimester.
  • Students who first enroll at the University during a Summer Trimester or who first obtain F-1 status during a Summer Trimester will need to enroll in three consecutive trimesters to be eligible for a break term the following Summer.
  • As always, F-1 students are able to enroll in courses during the break term but are not required to enroll in a full-time courseload. Student may apply for any number of credits and online courses if they choose to attend, but will also need to attend in the Fall and Winter term.
  • Course offerings may vary from the standard offerings during the Fall and Winter Trimesters; therefore, it will be important to plan your course schedule with your Academic Advisor.

Please remember that taking a break outside of the summer term will result in a failure to maintain your F1 status. If you plan to travel during such a break, always make sure your documents are up to date. If you are in doubt, contact OISP.

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