Reduced Courseload

A student may engage in less than a full course of study under certain circumstances which include:

  • Completion of a course of study
  • Academic difficulties
  • Vacation period/ Break term
  • Medical conditions
  • Concurrently enrolled
  • Practical training

Please fill out the Reduced Courseload Request Form and email it to OISP.


Break Terms

F-1 students can take a break in summer terms only. If you take a break term your SEVIS record has to be updated. If you do not consult with OISP your SEVIS record may be terminated and this could impact future visa and travel to the U.S. Do not take a vacation from school without informing OISP.
During your break term you will not have the University provided health insurance.You can opt into the insurance plan and it is your responsibility to do so. For more information about the health insurance please look at our blog here.
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