Severe Economic Hardship

Severe economic hardship employment was established to provide students who have experienced a legitimate and unforeseen economic hardship since obtaining F-1 status the opportunity to obtain employment authorization. The change in your financial situation must be unforeseen and through no fault of your own. Just what constitutes a legitimate and unforeseen economic hardship is debatable. Some examples would include: loss of on-campus employment: unexpected loss of a scholarship; serious currency devaluation when the funds come from abroad; excessive tuition and fee increases; medical bills; burglary or robbery (with a police report); substantial increases in living costs; disruption of a sponsor’s income; death of a sponsor etc.

You will need to document to OISP your ‘severe’ and ‘unforeseen’ economic hardship. If determined the circumstances to be severe and unforeseen we will recommend to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approval of your application for a work permit. If granted, the work permit is valid for part-time employment (20 hours a week or less while school is in session) and full time during scheduled breaks. OISP’s recommendation does not guarantee approval of your application.

Severe Economic Hardship Checklist

  • Form I-765 completed and signed
  • Form G-1145 E-Notification of Application/ Petition Acceptance (not required)
  • Documentation of the economic hardship
  • Photocopy of I-20 with severe economic hardship commendation made within the past 30 days
  • Photocopies of all previous I-20’s, including endorsement page
  • Photocopies of any previous EAD’s
  • Photocopy of biographical page of passport
  • Photocopy of most recent visa (not required)
  • Photocopy of electronic i-94
  • 2 recent photos of the student per DHS specifications
  • Check made out to the Department of Homeland Security for $ 380


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