Health Insurance Information

Overview of Healthcare Coverage:

If you are an F-1 student and you are registered for classes you are automatically enrolled in an accident and sickness insurance plan.  Franklin University participates in the International Student Protection plan offered by The Harbour Group and underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company.  For the 2017-2018 academic year, your insurance fee is $460 per trimester ($115 per month).

The Harbour Group:
The Harbour Group is Franklin University’s health insurance broker, so whenever you have a question concerning coverage, please contact them at:

PO Box 998, Springboro, OH 45066
P: (937) 748-5200 F: (877) 702-2556

CVS minute clinics:
CVS minute clinics are considered our Student Health Center which means you will not be charged a co-pay if you go there. MinuteClinic walk-in medical clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants who specialize in family health care. No appointment is needed. You can find the nearest minute clinic at

How to file a claim:
Members are encouraged to create an online account to easily manage claims. If you visit in-network (PHCS network) providers, claims will automatically be submitted.

What is not covered:
Please be aware that routine physicals, routine dental care or routine eye care are not covered by the insurance plan. If you like to have additional coverage the Harbor Group will be happy to help you identify supplementary plans to purchase.

Break term:
If you are currently on a break term you can opt into the health insurance. If you want to enroll in the so-called Bridge coverage, contact the administrator, International Student Protection, at 1-877-738-5787.  The insurance company can extend coverage for students that are on an approved term off, will still be in the US on a valid student Visa, and will be returning to Franklin University for the next semester.  Actual charge will be based upon the current per-month rate for students and be prorated for any partial month of coverage.

Health insurance during OPT:
The insurance carrier and administrator have set up an online enrollment link for students who need to enroll for OPT coverage.  To access the link, OPT students should visit the website at On the home page, click on “International Student & Scholar medical Insurance Plan” in the upper left corner, and follow the prompts for online enrollment.  After you click “Purchase Medical Insurance”, you will need to list Franklin University in the space provided, and click “Find My School”.  You will then see Franklin University – OPT listed, and follow the prompts to the enrollment screen.

Coverage for dependents:
The Harbour Group is happy to identify the best insurance plan for your dependents so please contact them if you need additional coverage.

Waiving insurance:
If you have complementary health insurance and would like to waive Franklin’s insurance please send a copy of your insurance card to and fill out a request at Health insurance must be waived at the beginning of each trimester, and insurance cannot be waived after the waiver deadline, generally 30 days after the start of the trimester.
The health insurance brochure is available upon request.

Health insurance card:
You can download the card at You can access the card by inserting first name, last name, student ID, and date of birth. Please note that the site may not recognize the “0” at the beginning of the student ID; for example, please enter 6XXXXX instead of 06XXXXX.


Health Insurance Definitions:

Copay or co-payment: specified flat amount that insured pays for a specific service, usually at the time of service

Deductible: amount of expenses which must be paid by insured person before benefits are paid

In-network provider: any hospital or doctor that has contracted with insurance plan to provide services at discounted fees

Out-of-network provider: any hospital or doctor that is not a member of the preferred provider network contracted with insurance plan.

Out-of-pocket expenses: amount set by the insurance plan limiting costs paid by insured person



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