Inviting Relatives and Friends

F-2 visa (Dependent visa)

If you are an F-1 student and your children or spouse would like to visit, they would be considered your dependents and would therefore fulfill the requirements for a F-2 visa. If this is the case please contact OISP.

B-2 visa (Visitor visa)

If you like to invite friends or family from abroad to visit you in the United States for a short time either the Visa Waiver Program or the B-2 visa would be the appropriate visa.

The purpose of the B-visa is to come to the United States temporarily for no longer than 90 days for purposes such as vacation, tourism, visiting friends or relatives. The applicant will have to prove that they have no intent to immigrate, meaning they have to show evidence that they have binding ties outside the United States and that they have sufficient funds to cover the expenses during their stay in the U.S.

Invitation letter

An invitation letter is not necessary but might be helpful. You may write your friends or relatives a formal letter including name and relationship of the visitor, the length of visit, who will financially support their visit and the purpose of their trip. If they are planning to attend the graduation ceremony you can give them a copy of your graduation information or send a copy of a letter certifying your impending graduation. It might also be helpful to print out your registration statement to prove that you are currently enrolled in classes. If you are supporting them financially you might want to provide financial documents.

Application process

Your friends or relatives will have to complete the following steps to apply for a visa:

  • Attend the visa interview. It is recommended to bring the following items to the interview:

To find out what the specific Embassy/Consulate requires check their website at Please note that there might be restrictions on what you are allowed to bring with you to the Consulate or Embassy.

You can find more information concerning visitor visas at and

Visa Waiver Program

If the visitor is a citizen of one of the currently 38 countries in the Visa Waiver Program they do not need a B-visa. You can find more information about the Visa Waiver Program at

Please note that a traveler who entered the U.S. on the Visa Waiver program CANNOT change status within the US.

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