Office of International Students & Programs

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

F-1 students studying at Franklin University may qualify for  Optional Practical Training (OPT), a work benefit which allows them to engage in temporary employment to gain practical experience in his or her field of study. This is an excellent opportunity for F-1 students graduating from Franklin University to get some work experience in the USA and potentially generate some income!

In order to be eligible to apply for OPT certain conditions must be met:

1- The student must be in F-1 status.

2- The student must have studied full time for at least two semester before pursuing OPT.

To learn more about OPT or to begin the process of applying for OPT please follow the following steps:

(We recommend you view all videos in full screen mode)

1- View the OPT instruction video here. (40 minutes)

2- View the tutorial for completing the application here. (25 minutes)

3- Download the full instruction sheet here.

4- If you did not receive an I-94 card when you last entered the USA click here to obtain your I-94 admission record.

Additional assistance with OPT is available through our workshops. Check out the workshop schedule on the front page to see when the next workshop is being held.

Don’t forget that you must also apply for graduation online on your website!




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