Module 2: How do I prepare for OPT?

The objectives of this module are to help you identify the steps you must take to complete an OPT application, demonstrate critical thinking skills as they relate to the OPT and job application process, and submit an accurate and complete application for OPT.  This module should be completed by the beginning of your last term of enrollment in classes. If you will be graduating at the end of Winter term, complete this module by January.  If you will be graduating at the end of Summer term, complete this module by April.  If you will be graduating at the end of Fall term, complete this module by August.

First, review the application instructions and how to select your OPT dates.  Then, take the quiz at the link below.  Your answers will be emailed to a member of the OISP staff, who will check if you are correct.

Next, explore the resources provided below about preparing for OPT and your job search.  Take the quiz to see how well you understand OPT employment preparation basics.  Then, answer the questions on the discussion board linked below to engage in a discussion with your peers about how you are all preparing for OPT.  A member of the OISP staff will review the discussion posts and add comments as necessary.

Finally, review the application checklist (which summarizes the application instructions), and upload your application materials at the link below.  When you upload the documents at the link, it will email them to a member of the OISP staff who will review your materials for accuracy.

When you are ready to submit your application for OPT, remember to contact OISP for the I-20 that will request OPT work authorization.


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