Office of International Students and Programs

Newly Accepted Students

Welcome newly accepted Franklin Student

Congratulations on your acceptance to Franklin University. We are humbled by your choice to attend our university and eager to help guide you through the next part of your journey. Please carefully review the following six steps which are necessary for your success in this new adventure!

1 – Obtaining a visa and entering the USA:

Are you already inside the USA? If so please skip to step number 4. Otherwise click here for more information on obtaining an F-1 visa.

2- Living arrangements:

Franklin University does not have any dorms or living accommodations. You must plan your arrival and living accommodations well before you arrive. Please click hereto get detailed information about arranging your arrival and living situation in Columbus, Ohio as well as information about a temporary home-stay program.

3- Arriving in the USA:

You must arrive in the USA no earlier than 30 days before the reporting date listed on page 1 section 5 of your I-20 document, and no later than that exact date as well. This means you must arrive in the USA during the 30 day period of time prior to your reporting date. Students arriving at any other time may be denied entry into the USA even if they have a valid visa. If you will not be able to arrive within your 30 day window of time please let us know so we can help you arrive here successfully.

PLEASE NOTE THAT DATES ARE WRITTEN month/day/year. So if your I-20 has an arrival date of 04/01/2015 that would be April 1, 2015.

After arriving in the USA or if you are already here:

4- Documents:

Once you are here you must submit copies of your passport picture page, visa, I-20 and electronic form I-94, or I-94 card, or arrival stamp inside your passport. You must also provide us with your local address information. All of these documents are accepted via email to . click here for the Franklin University International Student Check-In & Information Update page or by bringing copies in to Franklin University.

5- Orientation:

The Office of International Students and Programs hosts a mandatory orientation for new students providing critical information about being a successful International Student at Franklin University.  Please refer to your official acceptance letter for Orientation details.  You absolutely must attend orientation. If you are unable to attend your designated mandatory orientation, you must notify OISP immediately.

6- Classes:

All Undergraduate Franklin University students are required to take a series of placement exams prior to course registration.  It is your responsibility to contact to schedule placement testing, to get registered for classes, and to go over your next steps. Here is our contact information:

Bridget Banaszak
Director, International Students and Programs, PDSO, ARO

Tamer Khadre
International Student & Scholar Advisor, DSO, ARO

Katelyn Summerford
International Students and Programs Specialist, DSO

Suzie Arehart
International Students and Programs Coordinator, DSO

Judy Neal
International Students and Programs Application Specialist, DSO

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