Before Coming to the US

Remember, you should arrive in the U.S. no earlier than 30 days prior to and no later than the reporting date listed on page 1, section #5 of your I-20. Students arriving at the port of entry more than 30 days prior to their reporting date, or any day after their reporting date run a high risk of being denied entry to the USA, and sent back home immediately. Please contact OISP if you will not be able to arrive by the reporting date listed on your I-20.  You will likely be send a new I-20 inviting you to attend class in Ohio for the following term.

PLEASE NOTE THAT DATES ARE WRITTEN month/day/year.  If your I-20 has an arrival date of 04/01/15,  your arrival date would be April 1, 2015.

Franklin University is located in the downtown area of the City of Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is the capital of the state of Ohio and the seat of Ohio’s government. Although Franklin University does not currently offer on-campus housing, its ideal location in the heart of the US fifteenth largest city offers a multitude of housing options. Whether you select to live close to campus or out in the suburbs, this arrangement provides students with a unique experience of truly learning the American way of life!

Therefore, you are required to address the following before coming to the U.S.:


You may arrange and purchase any flight of your choice according to your needs.  Arranging and paying for your flight is your responsibility!


Since housing is not owned by Franklin University, you are responsible for leasing your own apartment. It is highly encouraged that you search for housing, and know of housing that will be available upon your arrival, prior to your flight.  You may feel more comfortable deciding on housing once you arrive in Columbus, but you should begin to develop an idea of what meets your needs by exploring the available options on various available websites. Housing at a specific location is not guaranteed because each apartment can only offer what is available at the time.

For a list of suggested apartments, please click here.

If you are have honestly tried, but are experiencing difficulty finding permanent housing, or you would like a roommate to share a place that you have found, or to find a place with you, please email  OISP staff will be happy to guide you in your search.  Please note that securing permanent housing is still ultimately YOUR responsibility.  


Unless otherwise arranged with Franklin University, you are responsible for your transportation from the airport to wherever you need to go when you first arrive. You must make arrangements for someone to pick you up from the airport and have a place to stay.

While you are traveling if you are delayed or your flight schedule changes, be sure to notify the person picking you up from the airport so that they can appropriately meet your flight.

If you do not have a personal contact in Ohio, then click here to see the transportation suggestions provided by the Columbus Airport.  Please also see “Homestay” below.


If you would like more assistance with arranging your initial living location and transportation, then Franklin University offers a homestay. Applying for a homestay needs to be done at least 2 weeks prior to arriving in the the U.S.  The homestay can pick you up from the airport and provide you a living space for up to 4 nights ONLY.

For more information on the homestay option, click here.


Finally, after you have made all of your arrangements, please be sure you are packing everything you will need while you’re in the U.S. Weather in Columbus, Ohio is very different than many other areas in the U.S. So please click here to consult our packing suggestions.


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