Host Family Homestay

Franklin University partners with an organization called International Friendships to offer an option for a homestay with a host family for those students who would like more assistance with arriving and getting settled in Columbus, Ohio.  IFI can help with airport pickup upon arrival, temporary housing, or both.

The homestay is not automatically arranged. If you are interested in homestay,  click here to be directed to International Friendships webpage.  Here you will find the online homestay application.  Applications for homestay must be completed no later than 2 weeks prior to your arrival.  Normally, IFI will contact you within the next day that your request was received. If you have a problem with the form or are unsure that the form was sent, please email IFI by clicking here.

IFI host families provide 1 to 4 nights of temporary housing completely free of charge. Please make every necessary arrangements so that you do not exceed the amount of time you request to be in the host’s home. Under no circumstance should you stay in the host’s home longer than 4 nights. 

It is up to you to secure your living arrangements after the maximum 4 night homestay.


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