Placement Testing

Your next step to get registered for classes at Franklin University is to complete placement tests, which help us determine which classes you need to begin. If you are an undergraduate student you MUST take placement testing at least 24 hours before registering for your first classes with the Office of International Students and Programs (OISP).

Steps for placement testing:
  •  Notify OISP by email that you are ready for placement testing. OISP will then notify the Testing Center.
  • Get familiarized with the tests. There are study guides and information available at (under Placement Testing) as well. If you have any questions about testing, you can contact the Learning Commons by phone at 614.947.6800 or toll free at 1.866.341.6206. You can also email
Where to take the placement test:

Go to the Testing Center which is part of Learning Commons in Phillips Hall. The Campus map  might be helpful to locate the building. Be sure to check their operating hours.

You will need to do the following tests:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
    • ESL Reading Skills
    • ESL Sentence Meaning
    • ESL Listening
    • Writeplacer ESL
  • Math
    • Re-Entry Math
    • Fundamental Algebra
    • College Algebra
    • Computer Literacy

Please be sure to bring a photo ID, such as your passport, so the test administrators can verify your identify.

When you arrive for your tests, notify the Learning Commons that you have arrived for your tests, and the assistant will direct you to the Testing Center.  You will complete any computerized tests at the Testing Center computers.  Upon completion of all portions of your ESL tests, OISP will be able to assist you with identifying the classes you should take in your first term at Franklin University.

Taking the placement test Online:

To complete placement testing using the online test proctor service called BVirtual, first create an account at  Next, email Franklin University’s Learning Commons at using the email address you used to create your proctor account.  Our Learning Commons will send you instructions to schedule the placement tests using BVirtual.  Once you have completed the placement tests, please notify our office at

At a distance students must select a proctor in their home area for placement testing. We suggest testing sites, colleges, universities, community colleges, libraries, military outposts (if applicable), or your human resources department (if applicable). Here are some of the proctor guidelines:


Please be sure to schedule an appointment with an OISP staff member to get registered for classes after placement testing!

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