Students are responsibile for their own housing and transportation.  The University does not offer pick up, housing, or food services.  If you do not have a personal contact who can pick you up from the airport, the following are suggested transportation options. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for the cost of your transportation.


You’ll find taxis available on demand (no reservation required) in the ground transportation area of the terminal on a 24-hour basis. The electronic meter will be activated to compute your fare from Port Columbus International Airport. The approximate fare into downtown Columbus is $25.

Listed below is an example taxicab rate structure for Columbus, Ohio:

  • Initial charge (includes loading & first 1/9 mile)….$2.75
  • Each 60 seconds of waiting time….$0.45
  • Each additional 2/9 mile….$0.45
  • Surcharge for each trip originating at airport….$3.00
  • Sales tax….6.75%

Public Bus System:

Port Columbus is served by Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) public bus service, available to take you almost anywhere in the city. Click here for more information on COTA schedules and pricing.


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Please refer to the “Homestay” section of this blog for details.

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