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Caring for Lawns and University Courses: Fixing Common Problems with Deliberate Treatments for Good Growth
It is springtime and that means lawns are growing. What do you do to help your lawn along in the spring? Many people just start mowing. They also rely on spring rains for water. A lawn might look okay for a while with just this treatment. However (More)
Summer is finally here!
Beautykoning.com   Summer is finally here! We encou (More)
Get ready for summer!
jpschools.org Get ready for summer! Great opportunities are (More)
Great events happening around Central Ohio
ohmr.ohio.gov Many great events for our Military students happ (More)
Summer term is just around the corner!
Winter is finally over and nice weather is just around the corner! Let’s not forget that while Summer registrations has begun to enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the different events happening around Central Ohio for members of the military a (More)
Use Class Activities to Create a Climate for Active Learning!
Creating a climate for active learning is critical to a successful start in your classroom. Activities can be conducted on t (More)
Creative Design: Asking "What is it Like" and "Who Cares?"
  How do we put creativity into academic courses without getting irrelevant or distracting? Creative design is somewhat of a holy grail in many industries, and this is certainly true in the area of teaching and learning. As designers and cons (More)
ARMY ROTC- Franklin University & Capital University Partnership
ARMY ROTC- Franklin University & Capital University Partnership Did you know that Capital University is the host institution for Franklin’s ROTC program?  The US Army’s Reserve Officer Training Corps is a leadership program that helps students (More)
Happy New Year!
      weknowyourdreams.com   Welcome back! We hope you all (More)
Design Insights: The Fall 2015 Newsletter is Here
Our newly re-titled newsletter, Design Insights, is out today! Take a look at what's inside. Featured in the Fall 2015 Edition: An interview with Executive Director and Associate Provost for Academic Quality, Dr. Karen Miner-Romanoff (More)
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