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Library Database Changes
DATABASE at Postmasters, March 2009 by Michael Mandiberg / CC BY-SA We\'ve made (More)
Google Scholar Link to Nationwide Library is Back!
  We reported back in April that our libr (More)
OhioLINK Downtime
  To improve services, OhioLINK will be migrating to a new data center.  During this migration, all More)
New library databases available
DATABASE at Postmasters, March 2009 by Michael Mandiberg / CC BY-SA By now, yo (More)
New OneSearch Now Live!
As promised, our new OneSearch is now live! (That’s the new name for the blue one-line search box in the middle of the library’s More)
OneSearch Launching January 20!
Nationwide Library is upgrading our one-line search box on the library home page (commonly known as Summ (More)
Calling all history buffs!
In case you missed it in the rush of finishing up last fall, a time capsule buried in 1795 by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams was unearthed December 11, 2014, in Boston at the Massachusetts Statehouse. After x-rays and external study, it was More)
Happy Thanksgiving from the Library!
  Image: http://www.wab.org More)
The Value of Franklin University Nationwide Library
Last Friday, Franklin held its Second Annual Learning Showcase. Over 100 posters were displayed, presented, and judged in Ross Auditorium. Nationwide Library staff submitted and presented one as well, on the value we provide to the university communi (More)
Best Practices in Business Communication
Oh, boy, we can tell when the WRIT320 Exploratory Research 1 assignment, \"In particular, look for an article addressing communication in your field of (More)
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