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Scholarships Available
Applications are still being accepted for the following scholarships: Targeting Fraud- Safeguarding Integrity Conference Scholarship - deadli (More)
Scholarships Available
Apply now for available scholarships through the Alumni Relations Office SCHOLARSHIPS UP TO $4,000 ARE available through the Alumni Relations (More)
Reminder: Choose Ohio First Scholarship Deadline 6/16
Choose Ohio First provides scholarships to students in innovative academic programs developed by Ohio’s colleges and universities to recruit and (More)
Time is Ticking for Scholarship Applications!
  Don’t let time pass you by when it comes to free money for college! The Franklin University Undergraduate Scholars Prog (More)
Scholarship Deadlines are APPROACHING!
  Considering the winter weather that we have been having here in Ohio, the “Dog Days of Summer” seem to be a mirage that that is only seen amidst the piles of snow, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be prepared for what is just beyond (More)
Need Money for College? We can help!
  Finding money for college can be stressful, but don’t fret because there are many outlets that are available to assist you in the application process for federal a (More)
Some may say that money can\'t buy happiness...
  ...BUT IT SURE CAN HELP YOU PAY FOR COLLEGE!! The application deadline for the Undergraduate Scholars Program is approaching fast!  To be considered for scholarship funds for (More)
Tech Tomorrow Scholarship
  Tech Tomorrow would like to honor today's students and tomorrow's future leaders who excel in the fields of computer science and (More)
Scholarship Opportunities
Reminder-The Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to announce 3 scholarships that are being offered to all students. If you meet the minimum requirements, all are invited to apply! More)
Financial Aid Online Office Hours Event - TODAY
  The U.S. Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid will be hosting a discussion on Twitter and answering your questions about More)
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